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Data Destruction

While Recycle is the best known component of Waste Reduction, the second component, Reuse, is just as important. Whenever possible, we prefer to reuse hard drives, so for data destruction purposes, we use nuking software that does a binary wipe on the hard drive. This process is per the US Department of Defense approved standard 5220.22-M, which requires 3 levels of overwriting. While this is a time consuming process, it allows us to make the information irretrievable while allowing the drive to be reused. When drives are unable to complete this process, we have the drives physically destroyed through the smelting process.

We can provide a Certificate of Data Destruction for your hard drives at your request.*


Disclaimer: We do not physically destroy hard drives on site, therefore cannot guarantee actual physical destruction of drives.
*Some pickup charges may apply if equipment is not easily accessible (stairs, not ready to go, etc).   Some recycling fees may apply to large quantities of CRT Monitors.
**Asset Record consists of Make/Model/Asset Tag#/Serial Number unless otherwise requested.  There is a fee associated with this.  It can be done onsite if necessary.
***Certificate of Data Destruction consists of Hard Drive make/model/Serial Number.  Requests must be made prior to, or at the time of, pickup.

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